Bring "Wisdom and Understanding" to your Project

“From Chaos Comes Order”

Gabriel Consultants, LLC was founded by William Robson, an architect and project manager to assist clients (building/property owners, architects, government agencies, etc.) in organizing, managing and maintaining projects. Our work includes new, renovated and expanded buildings. We are a technical resource for our clients. A philosopher once stated that “knowledge is power”. Gabriel Consultants empowers a client to make educated and informed decisions, avoid mistakes and mitigate issues.

Gabriel Consultant’s client profiles:

Institutional and Commercial:


  • Groveton Baptist Church
  • Mount Hope Baptist Church
  • Round Hill United Methodist Church (addition)
  • The Vine Wesleyan Church
  • Spectrum Headquarters
  • Northstar Association
  • Dulles West 19 Headquarters
  • Gunn Residence (custom home)
  • Ault Residence (custom home)
  • Rose Cottage (custom home)
  • Petterle Residence (renovation)
  • Owen Residence
  • Kane Residence (addition)
  • Peterson Residence (custom home)


  • Department Home Land Security (via The Lukmire Partnership, Architects)
  • National Institutes of Health (as consultant to A.J.E Engineers)
  • Department of Labor (as consultant to The Lukmire Partnership)
  • NIST Solar Project (via Legatus6 Construction)